When the most intimadating foe……..that white fanged , large clawed and inconsiderate devil incarnate……the Board Exam 2013 was finally slayed two rather peculiar thoughts crossed my mind.(It did gradually lead to 17 thoughtlets ) -:

1.   Why must each man be excruciated to prove himself or why must he try and outdo others?

2. Do we truly value another man as a man?

While reading through Arvind Adiga’s White Tiger I was a pleasantly surprised to find a commonality of theme , the protagonist commits a grotesque murder and finds himself in a web of corruption to finally realise that morality has forever been a veil to deprive some of the privilidges and the truly right way is the way that works……”Right or wrong doesn’t matter , what matters is victory…….”

The authors pleads a chance to be a man and I couldn’t be more convinced……


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