Suburban trains and the fairy tale of woe……

It is not everyday that I feel the exhilaration and outright frenzy of a suburban train , but when I do its with obvious displeasure and reluctance.Yesterday, once more I was coerced into such an ordeal.In my part of the world, suburban trains are almost synonymous with long ques for a ticket and then performing acrobatic skills to get into a train over packed with fellow sufferers. As I was waiting in the platform fretting over the probable causes of misery awaiting me(they were plenty), I saw the locomotive hurling in, followed with choruses of rejoice and anticipation.Suddenly my animal instincts took over.I took a leap of faith and found myself grappling the door handle.Thereafter my jujitsu skills were put to test (a test I didn’t fail)as I pushed and barged my way in. Half an hour of mindless imagination, and I found myself breathing the stinky odour of sweat , my feet being trampled by a thousand feet as I was managing just about to hang on( needless to say like hundred others). Even then I managed to catch little snippets of conversation everywhere, “The heat’s killing me” complained a visibly unimaginative middle aged man. “Candy , cucumbers , roasted nuts , make your pick ” the vendor lured almost a dozen around him.Yes, commercialization has also found its way.Those who are fortunate enough to find a seat ,doze  open mouthed seemingly unfazed by the chaos around. ” Two slices of cucumber please “, I suddenly ordered , the vendor obliged and there I was feeling drops of rain upon my face , the train rushing past, leaving cities and villages in its wake and my eyes scanning a different world , while munching cucumbers………………….


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